Black Jack

QIC: McFlurry

Date: 8/25/2021

PAX: Big Spur, Gambit, Buckeye, Cockaboose, Peaches, Cable Guy(respect), GATA, Ballcock, Swanson and McFlurry – QIC

CONDITIONS: 75 degrees and Haze

DISCLAIMER: Not a trained professional, push yourself, push the man next to you, modify where necessary. Don’t get hurt.


SSH x 25
Imperial Walker x 20
SSH x 25
Windmill x 20
SSH x 25
Arm Circles x 20
SSH x 25

The THANG: Black Jack

Starting at the side of the pad
20 Smurf Jacks
Mosey to other end of the pad
1 V-Up
Mosey back to the starting point
Continue reducing the Smurf jacks by 1 and adding 1 V-Up to equal 21

4 Corners:
Sprint from corner 1 to corner 2
Side set Squat from corner 2 to corner 3
Broad Jump from corner 3 to corner 4
Lunge Walk from corner 4 back to corner 1
Rinse and repeat
2 1/2 laps


TTT x 20

2nd F lunch, noon Downtown Deli

Prayer Requests:
Everyone dealing with Covid

Thanks for the opportunity, pleasure leading this morning!

McFlurry – ba da ba ba ba

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