A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s on Steroids

Local PAX: (12) Earhardt, Brutus, Radar, Schnitzel (R), Bartman (R), MiniVan (R), Goose (R x3), HardHat, Tubbs (QIC)

Visiting PAX: (3) Brother Bluto (Chicago), Soccer Mom (Greenville?), Squid (Louisville)

Conditions: Weather App said 81 and feels like 88, very muggy, and wet from the rain that had recently stopped. Beautiful conditions to sweat out a weekend of poor choices (or good choices)

Disclaimers: I am not a trained professional. If you are injured, please modify

Purpose: To get a little bit faster, and sharper today by pushing yourself and the guy next and to celebrate the First Day of School for the Public Schools! We went back to the fundamentals of the alphabet, counting, arithmetic, memory, group help and tracking time.


  • TTT (x10 IC)
  • Mosey to the Bus Depot

Thang: Run to each school (varying locations) and perform exercises going in alphabetical order. If the PAX couldn’t come up with an exercise, he could ask for assistance. Each exercise and number of reps was selected by a different PAX based on elementary school level criteria and YHC amended the number in some relation to numerical order. YHC attempted to remember the full counts and amendments, but he failed most likely on some.

  • YHC: Arm circles – 10 IC, (1 set each direction)
  • Mosey to the Yellow Entrance of HHI Elementary IB
  • Bartman: Big Boys (x25 + 2)
  • Mosey to the front parking lot of the Middle School
  • Brother Bluto: Carolina Dry Docks (x15 +3)
  • Mosey to the parking lot of football field (Friday Night Lights – The only important part of High School)
  • Brutus: Durkins (x21 for his number in High School + 4)
  • Mosey to the Middle School Bus Depot
  • Earhardt: Empirial Walkers (Can’t recall the reps and YHC didn’t modify) – *Used the phonetic spelling
  • Mosey to the practice field
  • HardHat: F***ing Burpees (x10) in the pitch black; since multiple of 5, I didn’t ammend
  • Mosey to the Main Entrance of Creative Arts
  • Goose: Groiners (x18) – YHC requested a multiple of 6 for the reps
  • Mosey back to the Bus Depot
  • MiniVan and Radar: Hello Dolly’s and Inch Worm (Respectively); These were performed on the straight away as 11s (Starting at 10 with Hello Dollys, running to the end, 1 Inch Worm, return); I couldn’t figure out how to incorporate 7, but I was about the to start round 4/7, so it worked out
  • Mosey Back to the Flag
  • Schnitzel: J-Los (x4 +8)
  • Recover


  • Radar indicated that the material support for Kiffin’s Family was effective, and very much appreciated. The three young ladies are being adopted into their family in some fashion, and continued support will be needed.
  • Squid from Louisville has the Q @TYC tomorrow, and The Brig on Wednesday…show up!


  • Kiffin’s pre-existing and new family structures through this challenging time.
  • Coach K and Spaghetti-Bro for continued healing and support through challenging times
  • For the kids, families, teachers, and administrators in this upcoming school year. May the focus be on the education and social development of the students, and not the political arena, and personal opinions that drown out the purpose of school.


  • It was clarified today that the start time and end time is based on the watch of the QIC. The workout ended on-time, and with 5 seconds to spare.
  • It was appropriate for HardHat to drop the F-Bomb on near the High School Practice Field…at least it wasn’t the elementary school, even though I am sure that every one of those kids have heard it
  • Bartman is now the local legend of the Brig Mile. Congrats!
  • Is Spaulding still on vacation?
  • Get to know a PAX: Schnitzel
    • Tom Rougeux (55)
    • EH: Radar
    • Got his name because he worked for a German Engineering Firm, and then got fired for making too much money.
    • Married for 28 years, 5 kids, 4 grandkids
    • Ask him to tell the story, but here are the highlights:
      • Beer, and only beer was involved the day before
      • He broke his neck, and couldn’t post for while
      • When he could finally post, all he could do was walk around The Yacht Club
      • Eventually, he graduated to picking up trash
      • This eliminated the excuses for many other PAX to not post
  • YHC may have given Schnitzel a bunch of grief today (and other days), but he kept up with the group for the entire loop from school to school, and I know that his ankle is still not 100%. The group run totaled 2.8 miles (Thank you for the mileage MiniVan).
  • It was a pleasure to start out the school year on a healthy, sweaty note with all that posted today in the gloom. This is going to be a good year.

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