Strength Days @ The Sands

Weather: 85. Humid. Typical.

2 PAX (Floss & Grape Juice) showed up early for the Pre-Run. Hugo said he would run if it wasn’t raining. It didn’t rain. He didn’t run. He also didn’t come to the workout, but I also skipped the run so I can’t say much.

PAX: Chubbs, Conroy, Mountaineer, Floss, Grape Juice, Fester (Q).

Thang: One PAX runs to the covered gazebo on the boardwalk and does one burpee, Floss’ idea. Figured one burpee would be an easy way to ease those back in after a day off.

Everyone else works through a circuit of Kettlebells and med balls. 70 KB – Deadlift, 18 MedBall – bicep tosses, MedBall Merkins, 40 KB – Front loaded Good Morning, 20 SlamBall – Underhand toss/Overhead Slam Superset.

Completed 3 rounds of this then switched out the Good Morning for 10 lb Slambell American Hammers and the bicep tosses for renegade rows. Completed 2 more rounds.


Announcements and Prayer Requests:

Prayers for 3 pregnant wives in the group and continued prayers for Mountaineer’s father.

Great to have Conroy back in the gloom with us as well as a few fresh faces at The Sands. My apologies for putting us right by the trash can and not having foam mats to lay on. Ready Mix would have taken much better care of you.

Always a pleasure.

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