PAX: (2) Earhart, Tubbs (QIC)

Conditions: Hot and muggy, just ask my shirt that was completely drenched

Disclaimers: Since both PAX were familiar, the word “Disclaimers for workout and burpees” was stated

Purpose: Log miles and burpees

Warm-up: None


Run around Shelter Cove Shopping Center in a figure-8 style, stopping every two minutes to perform 5 burpees. The last 6 rounds were modified to every minute on the minute (5, 5, 5, 5, 10, 10). PAX logged 3.5 miles each, along with 200 burpees each.


  • Convergence tomorrow.


  • Unspoken


  • While other PAX from the Island were putting in solid numbers with a multiplier at other AOs, two remained at the home AO to put in work.
  • The PAX in attendance were both glad that the other posted. It was agreed that both would not have accelerated movement in such a way, and would have likely half-assed the workout. This is an excellent reinforcement from the last two Qsource sessions on “Group”, and emphasized that a small number can have great impact on accelerating movement. Great push today!
  • It was great to log some miles alongside a fellow PAX and discuss life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!
  • Tubbs out!

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