Burpees on the Blocks

12 pax started there week of in the positive.

Pony(Q), Fester, Grape Juice, Refried, Brown Down, Jingaling, Ham, Fumes, Crack , PePe, Mountaineer, and 1 Mile all put in the hard work this morning to start there week off right!

Started off with a burpee ladder mixing in SSH, Imperial Walkers, TTT, and some stretching to get moving.

The Pax then moseyed up Charles St stopping at EACH block doing 5 burpees and other various exercises. Trying to get a break from burpees we completed some LBC’s, Hello Dolly’s, Big Boy Sit-ups, Dips, and Imperial Walkers after the 5 Burpees at each block.

Moseyed to the Big Flag in the park (well the only Flag we had today) and teamed up for 100 LBC’s and 100 Air Squats while your partner moseyed across the grass and completed more Burpees.

Back to our IMAGINARY FLAG for COT!

Announcements: Convergence on Saturday in Bluffton!

No Prayer Request!

Come out tomorrow for Strength Day at The Sands. #SYITG

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