A Muggy Monday


Muggy, Humid and Moist

On Deck – Hard Hard (Qic), Spaulding, Brutus, Squid, Radar, Liz Claiborne, Mater, Spaghetti’o, Glass (visitor).

Warm Up- TTT x10, Arm Circles forward x10, backwards x10, air presses, x10, SSH x10, Merkins x10.

The Thang- Mosey towards hwy 278 and down the bike path towards the traffic light. Already was hearing mumble chatter because some were out of their comfort zone (opposite direction of the basketball courts). 10 burpees at the intersection and into Jarvis Creek Club we went. We hit the playground for 10 more burpees just before 11’s. The two exercises consisted of burpees and pull-ups. Absolutely no air movement and within minutes we were dripping! After 11’s were completed Brutus hijacked the the Q and called out 5 burpees. We caught our breath and walked to the parking lot. Spaulding did not appreciate the walk and asked if we are FIA? We then headed towards the Park gate and partnered for more alternating burpees. Once all caught up we headed back to the AO for a few more stops of partner burpees or aka (let me look into your eyes burpees).

Mary- 5 full minutes of Mary and the attending PAX could choose their exercise. Spaulding was skipped because of his FIA comment.

Announcements – next weekend burpee fest at the Buck, 0630 hours.
Prayers- Coach K and unspoken

I have been lazy and looking forward to being back in the gloom with my buddies. Accountability is everything!

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