Four Corners of Fun

July 20, 2021

The Yacht Club

Conditions: 79 and muggy

Pax:  Shark Bait(v), Cart Boy (v), Scratchoff (v), Minivan (r), Chumbucket, Sawed Off (Bluffton), Tubbs, Spaghetti-o, Trump (v), Ambien-QIC.

Disclaimer:  Not a trained professional.  Push/pull each other.

5 min warmup

   10 TTT

   1 burpee  

   25 SSH

   2 burpees  

   15 IW

   3 burpees  

   ACs x 15 Forward

   4 burpees  

   ACs x 15 Backward

   5 burpees  

Mosey around Kroger.  Along the way, 3 stops: 10/10/10 – Merkins/BBS/Squats

At Belk parking lot near Starbucks, the Thang.

Four corners with dual 11s

Exercises at the corners are burpees, merkins, big boy sit ups, and v-ups

1st lap: 1 burpee, 10 merkins, 1 big boy, 10 v-ups

2n lap: 2 burpees, 9 merkins, 2 big boys, 9 v-ups

3rd lap:  3 burpees, 8 merkins, 3 big boys, 8 v-ups

4th lap:  4 burpees, 7 merkins, 4 big boys, 7 v-ups

5th lap:  5 burpees, 6 merkins, 5 big boys, 6 v-ups

6th lap:  6 burpees, 5 merkins, 6 big boys, 5 v-ups

7th lap:  7 burpees, 4 merkins, 7 big boys, 4 v-ups

8th lap:  8 burpees, 3 merkins, 8 big boys, 3 v-ups

9th lap:  9 burpees, 2 merkins, 9 big boys, 2 v-ups

10th lap:  10 burpees, 1 merkins, 10 big boys, 1 v-ups

Mosey back to flag:

5 more burpees

Flutter kicks x25 IC


Prayers:  Coach K, Travelers, healing for many. 

Moleskin:  Keep up your burpees.  75 today but a few pax got in a few extra.

One Bluffton Pax got credit for 150.

Great push by all Pax.

Ambien, out.

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