PAX: (7) Big Spur, Cowbell, Diamond Dave (DR-Foothills), Goose (respect), Minivan (respect), Peaches, Bartman (QIC)

Conditions: 74, light breeze

Disclaimer: Not a trained professional.  Work out at your own risk.  Modify as needed.  Get the most of of the next 45 minutes. Reminder of why we’re doing the burpees.


  • Hillbillies x 10 IC
  • Tempo Squats x 10 IC
  • Michael Phelps x 10 IC
  • TTT x 10 IC
  • 1 lap mosey with the bricks

Thang: Each PAX gets 2 bricks

  • 11’s with burpees….only burpees.
  • PAX do 10 burpees under light, run to the next light for 1 burpee, run back.
  • Once finished, grab bricks and mosey to next corner
  • 11’s with burpees and 2ct lunge (w/bricks). PAX do 10 burpees in corner, run to next corner with bricks and do lunge x 1 (2ct).
  • Mosey back to flag to finish the last 10 lunges
  • Done

Mary: N/A


None that I remember


  • Coach K and family
  • Goose’s test tomorrow morning
  • All those traveling
  • That we would be the leaders we were created to be


  • First, was awesome seeing the pick-up pull up with 3 Bluffton PAX.
  • Second, as Spaulding is recovering from an illness and couldn’t take the Q I thought I’d jump in and take it from Minivan. He didn’t seem to mind until the burpee 11’s started.
  • Third, glad Bluffton was able to get some extra burpees this morning.
  • Love the opportunity to lead this group of men, truly an honor and privilege.

Bartman, out.

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