Block/Burpee Sweatfest

When: 07/20/2021

QIC: Ball Cock

The PAX (2): Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher (Respect), Cable Guy (Respect), Hostilo, Swanson, Kiffin, Urkel, Ball Cock (QIC).

Conditions: If it gets any hotter or more humid, I’ll have to take off stuff I really ought to keep on.

Disclaimer: YHC is not a professional, exercise at your own risk! Push each other.


PAX gathered at the pad for:

5 Burpees

SSH x 25 IC

5 Burpees

Imperial Walkers x 25 IC

5 Burpees

TTT x 20 IC

5 Burpees

Arm Circles Forward/Reverse X 15 IC

5 Burpees

Mosey to the coupon stack (Cindy stack if you’re nasty).

Arm Curles X 15

25 Burpees completed for each PAX!


Blockee/Burpee 11s. (Running entire length of first parking bay.)

55 Burpees and 55 Blockees completed for each PAX w/ a few ECs.

Back to the PAD.


2 MOM:

On your six.


Back Scratchers X 8 IC




Prayers for Urkel’s stressful time preparing for the new school year, healing, and a healthy Coach K!


Stones was not there.

As always, it was an honor and a pleasure to lead you all this morning at the Buck.

Ball Cock…Audi 5000!

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