PAX: One Mile (Q), Fester, Ready Mix, Pony, Brown Down, Miyagi, Mountaineer, Wipeout, Chubbs

Warm Up: SSH, TTT, stretch your legs

The Thang: 9 Pax started off with 10 burpees at the flag and then all left with a playground ball and headed toward Charles st. 10 more burpees at that intersection. From there we made a very random, so we thought, run through downtown doing descending burpees at each intersection. Still kicking, passing, dribbling the playground ball and wondering what it was for. Due to time, on the way back up the ladder of burpees we got back to 5 then just did 5 at every other intersection on the way back to the flag. Made it back to the flag with a total of 90 burpees per pax and a few EC’s to add to it.

Still unsure what the playground ball was for but figure out what the random running was.

COT: 5 of 9 pax were in the Respect category which is impressive. Name-o-Rama then all prayed.

Moleskin: carrying what seems to be a dodgeball around for a few miles leads to hearing “if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge anything “ at least a dozen times.

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