Good Morning Burpee!

Pax: Ready Mix (Q), Conroy, Fester, Hugo, Monsewer, EEEE, Pepe, Brown Down, MR Miyagi, Chubbs, One Mile, Jingaling, Ham, Baby Shoes, Mountaineer, My Cousin Vinny

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, modify as necessary. There will be burpees and we won’t like them but let’s be grateful we can be here to do them and remember the reason we are doing them.

Warm Up: SSHx as many as it took for everybody to stroll in. TTT x 10, 10 squats in cadence. Stretching OYO for 2 minutes

The Thang: Today we tested out the friendliness of our Water Festival volunteers as well as park goers. Every time someone said good morning we did 10 burpees. Moseyed to the parking lot and found a friendly volunteer right away. Did a 4 man team race with burpees and sprints. Moseyed back toward the park for more burpees. Moseyed to the playground for more burpees. You get the idea. We ran and burpeed for 45 minutes. Finished up in the circle for a 5 minute AMRAP of burpees.

Finished the workout with a total of 2832 burpees. Hard work put in by every man.

COT Announcements and Prayer Request:

Jingaling 19 year old niece lost her life in a car accident. Prayers for family.

Mrs Myers

Brock foster scenario

Coach K and all others who physically can’t be with us in the gloom.

Moleskin: The Anchor is going to make a run for the Hilton Head boys in burpees. August May be deemed Stargazer month at the Anchor for recovery. In our burpee haze today I failed as the Q and forgot to do name-o-rama. Good work by all men. Almost zero complaints about the ongoing burpee marathon.

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