Become one with the Burpee

8 pax showed up for what they thought was opening day of Water festival, to only realize they would partake in death by burpees!

Pony, Pepe, Conroy, Fester, Wipeout, Brown down, Machine, and Mr. Miyagi (Q) did there best to add to the #anchor burpee total.

Disclaimer was given and Mr. Miyagi made it be known that we have fallen behind on the burpee challenge and he would be doing his part to put a dent in that number this morning.

After a stretch and small warmup we moseyed to the pit and started DEATH BY BURPEES.

5 rounds of 10 burpees and 10 SSH

Then a short mosey around the park. Then we did

4 rounds of

5 burpees 10sec rest 5 burpees 10 sec rest

10 burpees 20 sec rest 10 burpees 20 sec rest

5 burpees 10 sec rest 5 burpees

2 min rest per round

For a grand total of 250 burpees.

Great push this morning!!!!!

As much as I hate to say it fellas if we want to win the challenge this may be our life for the next 15 days!! But remember why we are doing it!! We get to do Burpees while others can’t! We are doing them for Coach K. Let’s get it.

Come out Saturday for a Conroy Q @ 6:30! #SYITG

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