New Kids on the Block

Conditions: 78, Clear’ish, 103% humidity, and sticky

PAX: SMKG (Respect), Handy Manny, Hostilo, McFlurry, and Swanson (Q)

Warm O Rama: TTTx10, 5 Burpees, AC – Frontx15, 5 Burpees, AC Backx15, 5 Burpees, Windmillsx15, 5 Burpees, BBQ Squatsx10, 5 Burpees

Main Thang: We took a mosey out to Buckwalter Parkway and made our way around Buckwalter Parkway, to Bluffton Parkway and back up Masters Way. Stopping at each intersection and driveway the PAX preformed the following exercises 10 reps each of Merkins, BBSUs, and Squats (6 Rounds). A special cadence of Monkey Humpers x 15 at the traffic lights (x2).

From there, the PAX stopped at Cindy’s House of Pain for 3 rounds of Squats, Curls and Skull Crushers x 15 OYO.

PAX moseyed back to the pad with one more stop of 10 reps each of Merkins, BBSUs and Squats at the front of the HS.

3MOM: Circle up for Pickle Pointers, Flutters and American Hammers.


Announcements: None

Prayers: Barry’s sister, Brandy.

Moleskin: Hostilo walked up this morning and said, “Oh No, Swanson has a headlamp and gloves, that means running and block work”. He wasn’t disappointed. When visiting Cindy, the PAX named a new exercise, placing the block on its end and squatting to have your six barely touch it. So was created, New Kids on the Block. The PAX broke out in singing,

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

As quick as the Quintet formed, it disintegrated due to who held creative control.

Observation – not sure if it’s the humidity that’s keeping PAX away or what, but numbers seem low over the past few months. If you’re reading backblasts, you should be posting, no excuses. Set your alarm and post.

Swanson Out!

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