Burpee, Run, Repeat

Conditions: Hot and no wind. Some would say miserable

Pax: Ready Mix, Pony, Fester, Floss, One Mile

Warm Up: 4 of 5 pax showed up for a slow mosey warm up followed by a 4 round 200 rep kettlebell circuit. A few burpees were done to loosen up as well.

Main Thang: Being it was run day and we still wanted to complete our burpees for the day we decided to do both hard things.

Moseyed over to our sprint area for some burpees and 40 yard sprints. 10 rounds of 5 burpees with a 40 yard sprint to follow. 1 minute recovery time between each round. One mile did one set with us then went on his one mile x4 run and rejoined us in the end.

After sprinting we decided that we were tired of running but couldn’t cut the workout short so we recovered for a couple minutes then completed a 10 burpee EMOM for 10 minutes to add another 100 burpees per PAX.

COT and Prayer Requests: Lots were shared and all were prayed for. Reminded of the blessing of being able to come out to do burpees and to pray for those that can’t right now.

Moleskin: We thought the Water Festival was a blessing in disguise when we noticed portajohns right beside the workout for easy access to drop the kids off at the pool during a workout if needed. Floss found out that the doors were facing each other for a deterrent. We agreed that if needed we could slide them around.

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