Don’t call it a comeback!

The Anchor’s miracle comeback starts today

Conditions: Mid-70s and humid. No breeze.

PAX: Pony, Mr. Miyagi (R), Brown Down (R), One Mile (R), Pei Pei (R), Mountaineer (R), Butch, Fester (Q)

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, none of us are. Push yourself and the man next to you but don’t hurt yourself. Prepare yourself for a significant amount of burpees.

Warm-up: SSH, IW, TTT, LBAC forward and reverse, Stretch on your own.

Mosey to the pit. Dodge the Waterfest equipment and workers.

11s (Round 1): Burpees and Squats across the pit.

11s (Round 2): Burpees and Big Boys across the pit.

Slow mosey around the park

11s (Round 3): Burpees and Box Jumps across the pit

*Q called an audible after the first set (10/1) and changed this to a 6 Pack (5 burpees/1 Box Jump…1burpees/5 Box Jumps)

Mosey around the park again then back to the flag.

Had some time to spare so PAX paired up for Ro-Sham-Burpee: in plank position, play roshambo against each other for as many rounds as possible. Losing PAX does increasing number of burpees each round.

Each PAX completed 135 burpees during the main Thang plus an additional 30 for the group during Ro-Sham-Burpee. 1,110 total burpees. Proud of the push this morning.

Lot’s of mumblechatter about how great it is to see Water Festival stages and equipment going up.

CoT: Prayer requests and announcements: Burpees suck but it could be way worse. Still throwing up prayers for our brother down south.

Always a pleasure.

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