To Quote Squid, “Rifle carry for a 1/2 mile sucks”,

PAX: (12) Ambien (respect), Earhart, Fresh (DR-Columbus), Hard Hat, Mater, Minivan (respect), NaeNae, Schnitzel (respect), Squid (respect), Swanson, Tubbs, Bartman (QIC)

Conditions: 83, no breeze, sweat inducing.

Disclaimer: Not a trained professional.  Work out at your own risk.  Modify as needed.  Get the most of of the next 45 minutes. Reminder of why we’re doing the burpees.


  • Tempo Squats x 15 IC
  • AC’s, both ways x 10 IC
  • IW’s x 10 IC
  • TTT x 10 IC

Thang: Each PAX gets 2 bricks

  • Rifle carry your bricks to ECC. Do 5 Burpees
  • Rifle carry your bricks to Rec Center parking lot. Do 5 Burpees
  • Rifle carry your bricks to HS back entrance. Do 5 Burpees
  • 11’s with lunge walk (2ct) and pull-ups (for Radar). Start with 1 lunge walk, 10 pull-ups.
  • Mosey back to Brig with 2 stops along the way for 5 Burpees at the first stop and 10 at the second.
  • Mosey to flag
  • 10 more Burpees
  • Done





  • Coach K and family
  • YHC’s coworker dealing with fathers death
  • Schnitzel’s ankle and upcoming travels with his son
  • All those traveling
  • PAX that haven’t been out in a while
  • Unspoken


  • YHC planned the pull-ups for Radar as I know he loves them. Sadly Radar was not in attendance.
  • YHC also planned on doing the rifle carry back from the HS but my arms were smoked and I think the PAX would have thrown the bricks in my general direction had I given that instruction.
  • Was great having Hard Hat back in the fold…always miss his humor when he’s not there.
  • YHC confused some of the PAX with incomplete/unclear instruction regarding the lunge walk…sorry fella’s.
  • Was great having Swanson come over the bridge to join the Brig crew. I know his burpees get doubled but it’s worth it to have him there. Thanks Swanson!
  • Does anybody sweat more than NaeNae or Mater???
  • Fresh is a beast. Should have had him do 1 armed pu’s to slow him down…Well Done!
  • T-Claps to Schnitzel for bringing back the SF and for getting out…hope the ankle holds up on your hike.
  • Love the opportunity to lead this group of men, truly an honor and privilege.

Bartman, out.

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