Modified 5K Burpee Route

PAX: Peaches(QIC), Big Spur, Peanut, Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher (Respect), Sawed off, Mcflurry, Pork, Cubby, Ballcock

Conditions: Air was as Thick as a freshman Sorority girl on her 2nd semester.

Disclaimer: Push yourself, modify if injured but not if lazy

Warm up:

TTT x 10

SSH x 15

Mosey to Prichard and Bridge 1 Burpee Mosey

Prichard/Boundary, 2 Burpees mosey

Boundary/Waters, 3 Burpees mosey

Waters/Calhoun, 4 Burpees mosey

Calhoun/Bridge, 5 Burpees indian run

Bridge/Heyward, 6 Burpees mosey

Heyward/46, 7 Burpees slow mosey (Full swim suite mode)

46/Goethe, 8 Burpees mosey

Goethe/Mellichamp 9 Burpees mosey at this point YHC called audible to adjust route to pass a water fountain.

Mellichamp/46, 10 Burpees mosey

Dubois Park, 11 Burpees and water mosey

Bridge/Boundary, 12 Burpees IC mosey

Lungewalk the Bridge

Prichard/Boundary 13 Burpees

Grass Pad 15 Burpees IC


Backscratcher/Dirty Dogs/ABAK/TTT




-Convergence last Saturday of this month


-SMCG friend Howard who fell from his roof

-Coach K


-I don’t know what Spur was more mad about, the workout or the lack of PAX in attendence.

-Sawed managed to keep burpee count, YHC struggled to remember the way back to flag much less count.

-YHC never heard the famous Ballcock horse noise during his burpees, was he modifying??

-Tough workout, extreme negative breeze and humidity this am, thanks for pushing me through.

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