Elsa Cleanup

PAX: Cable Guy

Disclaimer: I said to myself, “Self, you are not a trained professional, but push yourself”

Warm Up:

SSH x 25IC, AC x 10 IC, TTT x 10IC

Thang: 4 corners of pad, 5 burpees then mosey to next corner(clockwise) for 10 Merkins then mosey to next corner for 15 squats and mosey to last corner for 20 LBC’s, rinse and repeat for 10 laps. Mosey to wall for 25 dips and 15 feet on the wall straight legged pickle pointers, rinse and repeat for 4 total sets. Mosey back to pad and 5 burpees on one side ( in 7’s, 11’s, 21’s fashion) mosey across pad for 5 burpees for additional 50 burpees. Total burpees 100.

Mumble chatter: All in my mind. Each one of you have been an encouragement to me for the past 21 months! 2 years ago I was not in shape to complete this work out, nor was I mentally tough enough to do it on my own. I was reminded of your words of encouragement over the many mornings in the gloom!!

Cable Guy out!!

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