Leg Day

PAX: (17) Brutus, Closer (respect-DR), Chumbucket, Earhart, Goose (respect x 3), Guac (RNG), Julliard (DR), Liz Claiborne (respect), Mater, Minivan (respect), Old Spice (FNG-Chattanooga), Radar, Spaghettio, Spaulding (respect), Spiccoli (respect), Squid (respect), Bartman (QIC)

Conditions: 70’s, cool breeze to start.

Disclaimer: Not a trained professional.  Work out at your own risk.  Modify as needed.  Get the most of of the next 45 minutes. Reminder of why we’re doing the burpees.


  • IW x 10 IC
  • HB’s x 10 IC
  • AC’s both ways x 10 IC
  • Michael Phelps x 10 IC
  • No TTT’s

Thang: Short mosey to the stairs with 3 stops for 5 burpees at each stop.

  • 11’s at the stairs with Alligator Merkins downstairs and Squat Jumps upstairs.
  • Mosey back to the playground with 3 stops along the way for burpees x 5.
  • More 11’s. PAX split into 2 groups due to size. One group started with 1 Pull-up, other group started with OHP’s while in Peoples Chair at the bathroom wall. Switch and continued until 5 min were left.
  • Circled up for 5 burpees every 45 sec x 4 rounds.
  • Mosey to flag


  • American Hammers x 25
  • Speghettio led Flutters x ?
  • Burpees x 7



Brig has 0630 start on Monday

Coffeeteria this Tues, 7/6, 0755 at Java Burrito


  • Goose’s family as they deal with the loss of a family member
  • All those traveling
  • PAX that haven’t been out in a while
  • Unspoken


  • YHC disappointed Radar with no TTT’s during warmup’s
  • T-claps to Old Spice for posting for the 1st time on vacation and for Closer to get him out there.
  • Putting out an APB for: Hard Hat, Musk, Singlet, Hermanos, Capt Stubbing, Narco, Meatgazer and Crab Cake…we miss y’all and need you out in the gloom.
  • Love the opportunity to lead this group of men, truly an honor and privilege.

Bartman, out.

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