A galaxy far far away

PAX: Yoda (DR Q), Ready Mix, Fester, Pony, Dick Trickle, Blind Date, Gallop (FNG), Pepe, MR Miyagi, Road Trip (DR pax), Crack,

This Yoda traveled to a galaxy far far away to the Low Country SC landing on Fripp Island and posting in Beaufort SC for the week. Was given the challenge to fill a Q spot for a down ranger guest Q at the sat The Anchor so of course this Yoda said yes.

The morning started out a bit scary as the Sat traffic staled the hyper drive and as I got to the landing platform a boat had just made the bridge draw open and closed with cars
Waiting. Yoda used the force and landed with 2min to spare.
The gentleman mumble chatter started as they thought me to be a no show or at least caught in traffic.

Welcome with gratitude for the week and guest Q
Waiver push yourself don’t hurt yourself
Warm up- good mornings, wind mills, low planks and runners stretch.

Count of 13 Pax’s came back with 12 (a park loco just join us briefly for some stretching which made me feel right at home as we have friends join us at F3 Ambassor and F3 Brick-city at different times as well)

Partner up
1.100 200 300 merkins, Ww2 and squats with running combined count from covered overhang across grass bowl. Plank when completed

2. Set of 7’s burpees and wide grips across short side of bowl. (Ready Mix made sure we were keeping burpee count for colon awareness month and for our F3 brothers fighting that battle)

3. Max rep exercises with running x8 exercises the last 3 trips burpees. Squat hold when finished then hand clap earkins and dips 15, 10,5.

4. Grass field bear crawl to side walk, run to flag pull then run backwards to trees x3 trips up and back. 2.0 FNG had the fastest Bear Crawl this Yoda had ever seen. Plank chill cuts and low planks to rest.

5. Step work x4 trips top, middle then bottom and back to the top bottom middle top equals 1. Earkin, derkin then merkin.

6. 2 group native peoples groups running stop and drop in the neighborhood. Squats at the stops and monkey bumpers on the HW 21 for all to enjoy. F3Crack was encouraged by Pax’s on this one.

7. Didn’t plan it but as we headed back to shovel flag the Low Country boys like to jail break at the end and sprint home. I wondered why the pace quickened out of no where. I knew F3 Crack had been relaxing a bit he was just getting ready for the jail break. Did he win? Depends on who tells the story.

COT we added up our burpees individually and did more burpees to get an even number.
Total for the group 490.

Count of 12 lost one Name o Roma named
2.0 from PA originally now in Yuma AZ. Dad in the service. Bday on July 4th turning 12 we named him F3 Gallop for his speedy bear crawls.

Prayers shared about colon cancer awareness month and the burpee challenge.

I thanked the Pax’s for the week and guest Q. Shared about the importance of F3 culture and disciplines. The challenge to truly leave all men not where you found them takes empathy, compassion and willingness to spend ourselves by walking in another mans shoes and life experience/perspective. That’s why we show up and do the harder thing.

Had the privilege to pray us out asking for Gods help and thanking him that he made us for one another. We really do need each other. Amen!

Coffee up the street …well that’s another story as one unnamed Pax who used to play catcher had to find a spot to drop his pay load.

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