Month of July, 2021


Coach K is heading to Mayo Clinic to formulate a plan to fight an insidious disease; a disease so vile that it’s name need not even be mentioned.


To create awareness for the battle that lies before Coach K and to promote a culture where we close ranks and protect, serve, and empower one another utilizing the shared strength created by our Shieldlock.


Complete a minimum of 25 Burpees everyday during this month. Every F3 Lowcountry workout during the month of July will include a minimum of 25 Burpees; it may be more, at the discretion of the Q.


Immediately upon circling around the SF, the following three points should be covered quickly prior to the beginning of the Q.

-The Burpee is being used as a daily reminder that there are men in this world facing struggles greater than yours and mine. When you are tiring, remember that Coach K is fighting for the day that he gets to circle up and do Burpees.

-The Burpee is a six count exercise and form does matter. Hold me accountable to doing the exercise properly and I will do the same for you.

-Modifications are acceptable for those with injuries. Note: there is a difference between being injured and being hurt. If you have an injury and a health professional has advised you to avoid this exercise, please do so. If you are hurting, do the Burpees. We’re all hurting, that’s the point. Hold yourself to the highest standard of integrity.

Because we love to compete, there will be a running tally of Burpees completed in Beaufort, Bluffton, and Hilton Head. The loosing team will provide and serve beverages to the winning team at an end of the summer event TBD. To encourage growth and comradery, the following provisions are made:

-Any FNG or RNG (has not posted in the past 90 days): their Burpees count double. i.e. they do 25 and the AO gets credit for 50. The PAX recording counts will adjust the entry to accurately reflect the total number. Get out there and EH!

-If a PAX posts at another AO, that AO does not count his Burpees. The home AO of that PAX gets double credit for the Burpees. i.e. if one team gets behind, they can make up ground rapidly by sending PAX to post somewhere else.

-If you can not post, you are encouraged to complete your Burpees OYO. That said, OYO Burpees do not count in the competition. The key element of locking shields with other PAX is Proximity.

-If work or leisure travel take you out of town, any Burpees completed by posting in another region as a DR PAX count double for your home AO.


-The Q sheet is located at At the bottom of that sheet, Urkel created a tab for ‘July Burpee Challenge.’ Record your numbers there.

-Please record your OYO Burpees there. They will not count in the challenge but it is an accountability tool and we want to see the totals.

-Any conditions of this competition can be changed at the lone will/wimsy of the Nan’Tan.


Squid, out

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