Pax: Ollie, FNG (Ron Jeremy), Peaches(respect), Swanson, Gambit, McFlurry, Cowbell, Peanut, Cockaboose, Sqealer, GATA (QIC)

Weather: 73 degree soup kitchen

Disclaimer: Not a trained professional, Work out at your own risk, Push yourselves and others around you but dont get hurt!


AC forward X 16ish IC

AC reverse x 15 IC

IW x 20 IC

Hillbillies X20 IC

TTT x 15 IC

Dirty Docs X 15 IC

Alabama Ass Kickers x 15 IC

Line up at the end of Swanson’s Pad:

The Thang

Had a flashback to the end of football camp conditioning routine known as the 4th quarter drill

Begin at south side of Swansons pad and complete the following 3 exercises.

Squats x20

Merkins x 20

V ups x 20

Run to north side of pad

Squats x 19

Wide grip merkins x 19

Freddy Mercurys X 19 IC

Return to south side for 18 reps. Rinse repeat until we went down the ladder to 1 rep.

Finish the last leg back to South side of pad with walking lunges.


Overhead press X 20 IC




2nd F Lunch today Downtown Deli Noon


Linesmen who worked through the night returning power last night

The young men and women graduating this week

To everyone traveling this weekend (YHC included)

For an unnamed PAX working through health concerns


-YHC bit off more than he could chew with this Q

-T Claps to Ollie for continuing to post. You’re getting stronger every time!

-Not sure if Gambit was grouchy or fed up but there was a little angst about V up form this morning.

-Peaches earned respect this morning even though he isn’t over 50 whether he wants it or not.

-Welcome Ron Jeremy! Made that Q look like Childs play!

Thank you to the PAX for the opportunity to lead. It was a pleasure!

GATA out!

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