Yacht Club Bert

Pax: Eli (respect), Schnitzel (respect), Spaulding (respect), Twinkle Toes, Squid (respect), Big Spur, Hightower, Brutus, Spaghettio, Radar, Minivan (respect), Hermanus, Chardonnay, Clancy (respect), Ambien (respect), Chumbucket, Mader, Peaches (QIC)

Weather: 75 degree steambox

Disclaimer: SOP


TTT x 15 IC

Mosey to the Marshview in hopes for a breeze and prep for the thing:

The Bert

50 Burpees-400 Meter Run

100 Merkins IC- 400 Meter Run

150 Walking Lunges- 400 Meter Run

200 Squats- 400 Meter Run

Back down we go but without the run to ensure we get the Burpees in

150 Walking (chatty) Lunges

100 Merkins IC

50 Burpees

Time (over by 2 minutes)



2nd F Next Wednesday 5:00 Dockside


Spaghettios’ employee that passed on Sunday and his family Mike Lisy and family.


-Several Pax help with the IC Merkins, YHC had to modify after 40.

-Spaulding has Qed in Bluffton several times and finally called Spur and I out to Q at the Yacht Club

-YHC has been slacking since the P-200 and hasn’t done this workout in a while and knew the Yacht club would accept the challenge. Thanks for the kick in the ass, that one was rough.

-A lot of encouragement as the fatigue set in, amazing how much easier these workouts are together.

Thanks for the opportunity to Lead, Peaches out!

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