Jump Rope

June 5, 2021

PAX: (12) Ambien (respect), Brutus, Chumbucket, Doubtfire (DR Knoxville), Guiness (respect, DR Charlotte), Minivan (respect), Nae Nae, Spaghettio, Sparky (respect, DR Lexington), Spaulding (respect), Squid (respect), Bartman (QIC)

Conditions: 80, nice breeze…a little humid.

Disclaimer: Not a trained professional.  Work out at your own risk.  Modify as needed.  Push yourself and the guy next to you which means push yourself out of your comfort zone and get the most of of the next 45 minutes.


  • Tempo Squats x 5 IC
  • TTT x 5 IC
  • IW x 5 IC
  • TTT x 5 IC
  • Michael Phelps x 10
  • Abe Vigoda x 10…real slow


  • Merkin mile’ish around Kroger/Belks back to water fountain.
  • PAX count off 1-4 and remember their # and split into groups by #.
  • 1 PAX from each group runs the short loop to the bathrooms and does a wall-sit while doing 50 OHP’s.  Remaining PAX do either merkins or jump rope.  Switching when the runner gets back until each has run.
  • 2nd set is done the same way, substituting monkey humpers for the merkins.
  • 3rd set is done the same way, substituting burpees for monkey humpers.
  • 4th set switches to running the loop around the big field and doing 50 dips at the pavillion.  PAX either jump rope or do OHP’s until runner is back.
  • Next PAX lined up on big field facing the marsh and lunge walked across field to the pavers on other side.  Once there PAX did 20 merkins, lunged back to other side and planked for 6.


  • Flutters x 50 IC
  • Super hero’s
  • Done



  • Unspoken


  • The counting off went smoother than expected though the PAX did have something to say….they always have something to say about counting.  Minivan was quick to point out that JV wasn’t there to confuse things.  
  • Apparently size matters…at least with jump ropes.  Minivan?  NeNe?
  • Great having the visitors this time of the year…especially repeat visitors.  
  • Getting the bb done immediately is definitely better than trying to remember exercises and mumblechatter.
  • Until next time, Bartman out!

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