Coupon Runarounds

My theme this week was CSAUP, in keeping with Saturday’s ridiculousness. 2 June 2021 Back Blast:

The Brig – Temperature was only 73, but the humidity was +85%, making this morning’s workout a bit of a sweatfest.

9 Pax chose to get right and stay right- Goose (r,r,r), Spaulding (r), Minivan (r), Nae Nae, Brutus, Beltway, Unibrow (D.R., Knoxville, TN), Guiness (D.R. ??) & YHC, Schnitzel (r) QIC.


Warmup: TTT, AC (f&r), SSH & cross-leg situps

The Thang: We broke out the bricks, the tires AND the inner tubes and into four teams, each taking a parking lot space. Brick Bear Crawls, 100 Alt Brick Shoulder Taps, 100 Dead Brick Lifts, 100 curls while other Pax flipped tire to other side of parking lot; then both Pax chariot raced around entire lot, alternating to next station after both Pax completed the flip/exercise. We got in two rounds.

Announcements: Schnitzel took second place in the Pax FNG, RNG challenge. Second F to follow.

Prayers – Death is a part of life. We all struggle. This isn’t heaven. Our home is not here. Still, it’s a struggle that none relish, but all endure. Prayers for those in it.

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