Level 5 Leadership

Backblast for 1 June 2021 – The Yacht Club

13 Pax were led on a misleading adventure this morning at TYC by YHC.

Pax: Spaulding (r), Bartman (r), Ambien (r), JV, Tubbs, Spaghetti Ohs, Chumbucket, Gut Check (D.R., Chattanooga?) Boo Boo (D.R., Lex, KY), Guiness (r. D.R., Raleigh?), Minivan (r), Meat Gazer, & YHC, Schitzel (r) QIC.

Weather- partly cloudy skis, low humidity, 66 degrees and a light and variable breeze.


5 Burpees in recognition of JV showing up late.

Warmup: TTT, Abe Vagoda’s (done the right way, which is slowly), Motivators from 5, 10x IW.

Mosey to Parking Garage for The Thang: 5 Floors of misery in a 4 story garage: 10x Bobby Hurleys on the first floor, run up to the 4th floor and back down to the 2nd floor; 10x BH & 20x Merkins, run up to the 4th floor and back down to the third floor; 10x BH, 20x Merkins, 30x BBS, run up to the fourth floor and 10x BH, 20x Merkins, 30x BBS, 40x wall merkins and planked for the six. Run down to the 3rd floor and back to the fourth and then I can’t remember, but it was similar to the above, but worse, then we finished with all of the above on the first floor. You get the idea.

Mosey back to the flag for 10x Get Ups, 10x J-Lo’s and Flutters to the end of time (or what certainly felt like it.)

Announcements: Coffeeteria at 0800 hours at Java this morning.

Prayers for all who endure the challenges of life.

Moleskin: Sometimes the heart rate elevation makes even the most benign workout challenging. Schnitzel has the Q tomorrow, but promises to incorporate a lot more relaxation into his plans.

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