Full Moon Over Bluffton

Conditions: 73 Degrees, 87% humidity, and a full moon setting over Bluffton

PAX: Sawed Off, Peanut, Kiffin, Peaches, Gambit, GATA, Yukon, Squealer, Big Spur, Cow Bell, Cubby, Judge Judy, Squid (Respect), and Swanson (Q)

Mile – Warm O Rama: TTTx15, Mosey to Bridge and Pritchard – Arm Circles F/B x15, Mosey to the bridge for a Lung Walk, Mosey to Bridge and Boundary Tempo Merkinsx10, Mosey to Boundary in front of the Shrimp Boat WWI BBSx20 (OYO), Mosey to Boundary and May River for Monkey Humpers ICx20, Mosey to Pritchard and Bruin SSHx20, and Mosey to the entrance of the Bus Loop for Windmillsx10 IC.

Main Thang: In the Bus Loop, all PAX pickup a stone and line up. After placing said stone on the ground in front, everyone moved to the left to use the stone chosen by another PAX.

PAX perform a Stack AMRAP (OYO) 20 Curls – Run a Lap, then 20 Curls & 20 Tricep Extension – Run a Lap, then 20 Curls, 20 Tricep Extensions & 20 Squats – Rin a Lap. Once completed, everyone is to start over and do it again.

With time running out, the PAX head back to Swanson’s Pad for some Mary.

Mary: American Hammersx15, Fluttersx10, Dirty Dogsx10 each leg


Announcements: CSAUP May 29th, 6:30 Coligny Beach Park (ON THE BEACH! Per Squid).

Prayers: Unspoken

Moleskin: Day 3 of the Swanson Challenge… It’s really starting to be challenging. When I set this goal for myself, I knew that it wouldn’t be easy and that is becoming a reality. When Q’ing, I feel that I must set the tone of the workout which pushes my intensity level, and after 3 days I can really feel it taking a toll on me. I’ve made a commitment to myself to finish this, even though there is no reason to do it but to say that “I can do it”. I’m glad to see the PAX that have been posting are encouraging and supportive. I hope that I can repay that feeling every time some one is leading or comes up with their own CSAUP.

As for today, the person driving on May River Road around 5:30 was probably very confused by what they were seeing. Anytime we’re at an intersection, I like to do a round of Monkey Humpers, this person sat at the stop sign for about 30 seconds (assuming in disbelief).

It was good to see Cubby back in the Gloom – keep posting!

Gambit still questions what exercises can be modified.

Peanut really wants his Swanson patch!

Swanson Out!

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