Cindy and Sally

Conditions: 71, Clear, 73% humidity, and an almost full burnt orangish moon setting over Bluffton

PAX: Cable Guy (Respect), SMKG (Respect), Sawed Off, Peanut, Hacky Sack, Kiffin, and Swanson (Q)

Warm O Rama: TTTx15, SSHx20, AC – Frontx15 Backx15, Windmillsx15, IWx15

Main Thang: Let’s Get to Work! Mosey over to the half wall next to the ceramic room (after waving at Bluffton’s finest chilling in the parking lot) for 5 rounds of Dips & LBCs (20 reps each round), then another 5 rounds of Incline Merkins and Step Ups (20 reps each round).

From there we took the long mosey out to HE McCracken and made our way over to the church parking lot. Partnered up for a little coupon work.

Partner 1 did the exercise while Partner 2 ran. Cumulative – 100 reps of the following exercises: Curls, Sumo Squats (no block), triceps overhead, Trap raises, calf raises and regular quats.

PAX line up for an Indian Run back to the pad. Circle up for a little ‘Bring Sally Up’ with the option of squats or merkins.


Announcements: CSAUP May 29th, 6:30 Coligny Beach Park (ON THE BEACH! As directed in the pre-backblast from Squid).

Prayers: Rose (SMKG’s M’s friend dying of COVID). Praise – for Sawed Off’s friend’s mother.

Moleskin: Day 2 of the Swanson challenge, Peanut is expecting a patch that he can wear with honor (I guess I need to get started on that). Kiffin gets into beast mode and is a machine! Seems like Bring Sally Up was a crowd pleaser after getting smoked with block work this morning.

Glad to see everyone this morning, 2 days down… 4 more to go.

Swanson Out!

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