50 for Phil!

5-24-2021 @ the Brig.

Weather – 71 degrees with 74% humidity

On Deck – Hard Hat (QIC), Radar, Craft, Meat Gazer, Squid (R), Earhart, Bartman (R), Highlighter.

Warm Up – 10 TTT, 10 arm circles (forward and reverse), 10 air presses, 10 Imperial walkers, 10 SSH, 10 merkins.

The Thang – We took off headed towards Spaulding’s pasture aka the basketball courts. Each man was to pick a partner and while one partner did 25 situps, the other partner stood on his feet for support. A total of 50 situps for the team.

Next we took a short mosey to the wall for a 50 second wall sit while your partner did a 50 second plank. Partners then switched positions.

The third stop was located at the middle school bus parking lot for some leg lifts off the curb. each team did 50 in total.

4th stop was at the main entrance at the middle school for 50 merkins per team. Each partner did 5 merkins until 50 was reached.

Stop #5 was at the high school for 50 dips on the park benches. Once finished we headed back to the A/O.

Stop #6 at the A/O was the grand finale of 50 burpees. You and your partner each alternated every one burpee until 50 was achieved (thanks to Spicoli).

Mary – 25 Flutters, 25 Hello Dollies, 25 leg lifts.

Announcements – this Saturday convergence and Memorial Day Murph!

Prayers – Snipe’s next adventure in life and Earharts father.

Moleskin – Everybody was asking for Minivan. Turns out he did not adjust his alarm clock but he was ready for a 6:30 Q. Spaulding ditched us for the final round of the PGA (cant blame him). Great to see Highlighter and he was in his standard attire for the workout. Will he bring music for tomorrows birthday Q? Some pax were nervous for the partner assisted situps because of getting hit in the forehead by their partners member. I think only one might have come close! I dedicated this workout to Phil Mickelson for winning the PGA this past weekend at the age of 50. Work hard and stay focused and anything is possible.

Hard Hat Out!

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