Dora Bleachers @ HHCA

PAX: GATA, Ball Cock, Cowbell, Meat Gazer, Hackey Sack, Stone(psh), Wet Wipes, SMKG(respect), Cable Guy(respect), Adidas(QIC) 

Warm O Rama: SSH-ICx15, plank, 10 Merkin OYO, Imperial Walkers-ICx15, plank, Mountain Climbers-ICx15, Arm circles

Mosey to HHCA campus. Stop 2X along the way for PAX to bear crawl while the Six catches up. 

Main Thang:

Partner up for DORA on the bleachers. 

100 Merkins

200 Step Ups

300 MTN Climbers

400 Flutters

All single count. Pick up the six when done. 

Mosey back to pad keeping all PAX together. Stopped 4X for 10 Merkins OYO. 

Mary: Flutters-ICx15, 50 LBC OYO, Hello Dollys-ICx15, finish with 10 burpee’s OYO for SMKG

Announcements: Memorial Day weekend CSAUP. 

Prayer Request: Ball Cocks Mom as she continues to improve but still in the hospital.  Adidas and all parents with teenage kids, especially the girls. 


GATA killed it today after his VQ yesterday!

SMKG hates burpee’s, so we finish with some. 

Most of TheBUCK PAX live in, or have lived in Westbury Park. 

Relying on Cowbell to keep count might not be the best option. 

We ended today discussing difficulty parenting teens. Let’s try and have open discussions on this topic and help each other through. I’m sure there are many of us dealing with it and will be better having other men to lean on. 

Appreciate all of you men. As always, it’s a honor to be able to lead!


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