Hump Day Backblast 5-19-21

AO: The Brig

Temp: 69 and 80% humidity, winds nil, sky clear.

Pax: Nae Nae, Spaulding (r), MiniVan (r), Radar, Meat Gazer, Ambien (r), Squid (r), Earhart, Schnitzel (r) QIC, YHC.


Warmup: SSH, TTH, IW, Windmills, Hillbilly’s and a mosey around the deck. Count off and name your favorite exercise, which Minivan promptly forgot what number he was.

The Thang:

One (1) Slurpee (Minivan’s version of a burpee that involved a river dance move);

Two (2) Deep, Tree-Hugger Squats mainly used by Earhart to delay actual work;

Three (3) Lunges that Ambien couldn’t figure out which way they were;

Four (4) Groiners/Mountain Climbers and/or Plank Jacks, depending on Spaulding’s form criteria;

Five (5) V-ups for which Meat Gazer had no issues explaining how to do;

Six (6) Merkins from Nae Nae because nobody else had anything hard to do;

Seven (7) LBC’s from Radar because at that point, we just needed to roll over;

Eight (8) Flutters by Squid who really seemed to enjoy the cadence a little too much;

Nine (9) Getups from QIC Schnitzel because being annoying is all he could muster this morning.

That and a one mile loop was all we did. QIC handed out unicorn candy for all PAX, so if you didn’t come this morning, you missed out.

Moleskin: Having the Q with <4 hours of sleep means you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

Hang it up and see what tomorrow brings.

YHC, Schnitzel

Warmup: SSH

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