Three’s Company

Date: 5/15/2021

Weather: Cool, Sunny, No Bugs = Perfect

PAX: Peaches, BallCock, Buckeye – QIC

3 PAX kept each other company around the block at the MOB


SSH x 20 IC, LAC F/B and Air Press x 10 IC, Seal Jack x 10 IC, Imperial Walker x 10 IC, Predator Jack for Gambit x 10 IC, Alt. Shoulder Taps x 10 IC, Smurf Jack x 10 IC, Merkin x 10 OYO, Plank Jack x 10 IC, TTT x 10 IC

Mosey over to Swanson’s Pad for,


11’s – Hand Release Merkin x 10 / Speed Skater x 1 ea. leg, mosey to other side of Pad, rinse and repeat until 11s is complete

PAX mosey to Pritchard and turn left. At each turn along the route PAX perform one rep of each of the following exercises:

–Turn 1: 4x4x4 (4 merkins, 4 mountain climbers, 4 groiners) and Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpee

Mosey to Pritchard and Bridge:

–Turn 2: 4x4x4 and PCMB

Mosey to Bridge and Boundary,

–Turn 3: 4x4x4 and PCMB

Mosey into Dubious for a 6 Pack – 1 Pullup / 5 Burpees, 2 pullups / 4 burpees and so forth followed by another 6 Pack – 5 Pullups / 1 Burpee and so forth

Mosey to Nickel Pumpers and turn right on Bruin;

–Turn 4: 4x4x4 and PCMB

Mosey down hill along Bruin to Court Atkins Group large concrete parking lot.

11’s Mary Katherine x 10 ea. leg, mosey to other side of parking lot Pick-up x 1, rinse and repeat back and forth until 11’s is complete.

Mosey out of CAG parking lot and turn left on Pritchard:

–Turn 5: 4x4x4 and PCMB

Mosey down Pritchard and turn left towards the bus loop:

–Turn 6: 4x4x4 and PCMB

Mosey over to block pile to have another 6-Pack – Block Merkin x 5 / Block Thruster x 1, when 6 Pack is complete rinse and repeat with Block Thruster x 5 / Block Merkin x 1 and so forth till complete.

PAX jettison the blocks and mosey back over to Swanson’s Pad for;

5 MOM:

Last round of 11’s – Seal Jack x 10 / V-Up x 1 mosey to other side of Pad and back and forth until DONE!



Small numbers but a lot of fellowship this morning. At 6:28 YHC thought it was just going to be him and the fern this morning for a short run. YHC enjoyed the company that rolled in at 6:29 and it was the company that gave the Q the motivation to stick with the workout YHC had planned the night before. Thank you fellas.

Weather this morning could not have been more perfect. Might be the last one before the hot and humid mornings in the gloom are upon us.

Felt Good Out There and great to be back at a Saturday WO. It has been awhile!

Q sheet for the MOB is still pretty barren. Time to step up fellas.

Legs are smoked.

Buckeye Out!

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