Jacob’s Ladder

PAX: Hacky Sack, SMKG, Peanut, Cable Guy, Ball Cock

Conditions: perfect

W/O: SSH x 10, 2 M, TTT x 10, 4 M, AC x 10, 6 M, AC x 10, 8 M, WM x 10, 10 M, SSH x 10, 12 M, TTT x 10, 14 M, AC x 10, 16 M, AC x 10, 18 M, WM x 10, 20 M; Jacob’s Ladder (burpees); Flutters x 20; TM x 10
Announcements: HH Thursday @ Dispensary
Prayer Requests: Unspoken

  1. Per pax discussion and pursuant to F3 rule #7, if you comment on FB regarding a workout, you are required to show up. 
  2. Tclaps to those that posted to Gambit’s warm up/light stretching Q and returned today for a workout.
  3. Peanut kicked ass today, but somewhat violated F3 rule 6. Not cool. 
  4. The Buck pax does not complain, even when Jacob’s Ladder is on deck. (3 plus miles of running). Good work fellas!

Be Kind.
Judge Judy

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