Alright BALBOA Alright

PAX: Liz Claiborne, Clancy, Tubbs, Eli, JV, Minivan, Hard Hat, Bartman, Chum Bucket, Spalding, Meat Gazer, Hermanos, Spaghettio, Ambien, Brutus, Sleeveless, Earhart

QIC: Alright Alright (F3 Dallas)

Warmorama:Side Straddle Hops x77

Tha Thang:
Partner 1: run lap around park

Partner 2: exercises
Flapjack and Repeat until all exercises are complete

Burpees x50

Air Presses x100

Lunges x150

Big Boy Sit-ups x200

Overhead Claps x250

American Hammers x300

Tribute to Glacier National Park’s 111th birthdayPartner 1: run across field and back

Partner 2: exercises.

Groiners x111

Nipplers x111

Plank Jacks x111

COT: God give us wisdom and patience at home and at work.
Announcements: Happy hour, somewhere on the south end. Thursday night 5/13.

MoleSkine: Clearly Alright Alright does not know the simple rule rule of starting with TTT, busting out the gate with 77 SSH in cadence… Mumblechatter was squashed at the beginning. JV & Minivan did not gain or lose any legend laps on the other today. Nipple Scrapers were a fan favorite, Brutus had the marks on his shirt to prove he was scraping. Schnitzel should have been there for what would have been his new favorite exercise. Hardhat likes to get mentioned in the backblast. Tubbs was seen doing the nipple scrapers shirtless. Sleeveless posted his once quarterly post. Congrats to Alright Alright for his 30th straight post. There was much other mumbling and grumbling most of which could not be understood.

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