PAX: harbaugh!(QIC), Wet Wipes, School Bus, Cable Guy(respect), Sister Mary Kathern Gallagher(respect)

Conditions: 68 degrees with a cool breeze

Disclaimer: Not a trained professional workout at your own risk. Push yourself and the man next to you



IW x15IC


Hillbillies x 15IC


The Thing: PAX mosey around the school parking lot and stop at various spots along the was to do some work

Stop 1: 10 Merkins OYO

Stop 2: 20 Squats OYO

Stop 3: 30 Vups OYO

Stop 4: 40 plankjacks OYO

Stop 5: Lunch walk from pond by parking lot to stop sign at the opposite side of the parking lot. A good 100 yards. CROWD PLEASER

Stop 6: 50 Big Boys OYO

Stop 7: 60 Dips OYO, 70 LBC OYO, 80 shoulder Taps

Stop 8: Q decides we did at least 90 lunges on our walk to we proceed to do 100 over head presses

Mosey back to pad for what I now call the death square:

4 Pax each get a corner of the pad and plank while the 5th Pax does an exercise in the middle of the pad. Once the pax has completed the exercise he chooses a corner and the pax from the corner does the same exercise while remaining pax continue to plank. Repeat until each pax has been in the center of the square.

Round 1: 10 burpees

Round 2: 20 Big Boys

5 MOM:

Back scratchers 20 IC

Dirty Dogs 15 each Led IC

Flutters 20 IC

American Hammers 10 IC



Announcements: NONE

Prayer request: Prayed for Kiffin and the family in his neighborhood again

for a family in Ohio whose 10 year old son and boyfriend of his mother were hit while stopped on a motorcycle by another motorcycle doing 100mph running from the cops. Boyfriend has lost his foot and the son has had multiple surgeries to save his leg. As of this writing they are giving him a 85% of complete recovery. They are hoping to bring the boyfriend out of sedation tomorrow


SMKC has perfect form when it comes to lunge walking. It was a thing of beauty

Running after Lunge walking that far is really hard

Wet Wipes is in desperate need of a butt massage since his M is out of town.

Cable guy is a beast and School bus keeps coming back for more


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