71 Looks good on Goose

05.05.21 at the Brig

PAX:  Goose-QIC, Earhardt, Radar, Squid, Tarzan, Fish Stix, Singlet, Musk, Ball Cock, Spaulding, Spaghetti-o, Swanson, Sawed Off, Brutus, Hermanos, Big Al, Chumbucket, Meat Gazer, Narco, MiniVan, Bartman, Judge Judy, Ambien, Big Spur, Peaches, Buckeye, Hard Hat, Nae Nae

Conditions:  Warm with a touch of humidity

Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger, and faster today.

Warmup:  SSHx10IC, TTTx10IC, IWX10IC


  • Mosey to front of HHIES – FUll set Motivator
  • Mosey to back side of Island Rec – ½ set Motivator
  • Mosey to HHIMS – ½ set Motivator
  • Mosey to HHIHS – ½ set Motivator
  • Mosey to HHIES – ½ set Motivator
  • Mosey back to Shovel Flag
  • 12 merkins – mosey lap
  • 12 merkins, 12 big boys – HOT lap
  • 12 merkins, 12 BBSU, 12 mountain climbers 2c – mosey lap
  • 12 merkins, 12 BBSU, 12MC, 12 groiners – HOT lap
  • 12 merkins, 12 BBSU, 12 MC, 12 groiners, 12 burpees
  • DONE!

Mary: No time


2nd F – First Tuesday of the month at Java Burrito

CSUAP – May 22 @ 6:30am @ Coligny

Prayer: Gooses M

Moleskin: 28 PAX put their work in to help kick off Goose’s 71st birthday.  Our very own 3XR HIM!  Cake was served up at the end and Goose was serenaded by the HHI PAX.  

Several things stick out:

  • Great showing by Bluffton PAX 7 crossed the bridge to celebrate Goose!
  • Goose showed that even at 71 your voice still might crack at times 
  • MIniVan was given the 2nd set of counting for the motivators and quickly handed it off
  • Spaudling showed us how an accountant counts during the 3rd set of motivators
  • Judge Judy clearly thinks a groiner is a plank jack or has horrible form or both
  • HardHat likes being mentioned in the Backblast
  • Musk returned but somehow injured his thumb and is now out for the next 26 weeks
  • Speaking of Musk – he can still push the Hot Lap 
  • Tarzan should have a name change to Keith Urban Jr
  • Brutus has an official F3 sleeveless shirt
  • Radar typically has an grin on his face in the mornings – not sure why
  • Hermanos kids got the leftover cake
  • Even the lady walkers wished Goose HBD
    • Capn Crunch said he would make the next B-day Q – Instead he decided to get his second shot of Moderna on Tuesday
    • JV – Kept the 1st Lady from attending FIA then failed to show up himself, however he did have enough time to research pictures on the internet and post them on Slack

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