Slow Down Rabbit

Conditions: 72 clear and humid

Pax: Bartman, Liz Claiborne, Goose, Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher, Schnitzel, Meat Gazer, Spaulding, Hardhat, Chumbucket, Minivan, Radar QIC

Stuff you say in the beginning….

Warmup: TTTx10, Michael Phelps x10, IWx10, calf stretches, mosey towards pull-up bars

Thang: Found two 25lb barbells on our way to pull-up bars, start with max set pull-ups, then lucky rabbit gets to carry the barbells while calling out favorite 10 rep exercise then takes off running…not nearly as fast compared to paver blocks. First to finish reps takes off running to catch rabbit and repeat so everyone has opportunity to be rabbit. Did 2 loops around ball fields and back to pull-up bars.

No Mary and made it back to COT promptly without time to spare

Announcements: 2nd F tomorrow Java Burrito 8am. Goose bday Q on Wed.

Prayer Requests: Burns family struggling with cancer, families that lost their kids in bridge accident.

Moleskin: Pull-ups always suck. So does carrying extra weight which is a good reminder to drop those extra lbs and gain mastery over the Queen. Schnitzel likes getups for others. Bartman knows why we bigger guys don’t run ultra races. Screw the Q was muttered by several.

As always, thanks for the opportunity to lead!

Radar out

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