This is 42

Conditions: 62 and dark

Pax on deck: Bartman(Respect), Minivan(Respect), Schnitzel (Respect), Hardhat, Earhart, Brutus, Radar, Icy Hot(Visitor from Cherokee)

Not a trained professional or fully functioning after a little too much birthday wine the night before.

Push yourself and the man next to you!

Warm Up: SSH x 42 (is this a theme?), Arm Circles x 10 forward x 10 backward x10 Air Presses, Michael Phelps x 10, TTT x 15. Lap around lot and then paver pickup


100/50 (All with pavers)

100 Side Lunges (Each leg)

50 Hand release Merkins on the pavers
Run lap with pavers and plank for the 6.

100 Shoulder Press


Lap with pavers

100 Side Oblique Lifts

50 Dead lifts

Laps with pavers

100 Squats

50 Bench Presses

Lap with pavers


Hello Dolly (holding up pavers) x 25

Flutters (holding up pavers) x 20




Announcements: a few days of recruitment left. Big push.

Prayer Requests: Brutus family and their medical issues


-If I hadn’t signed up to Q there is a high likelihood of fartsacking. Thank you for the push!

-There might be a concerted effort to disable seat warmers.

-Bartman really isn’t a fan of people walking even they are doing a significant amount of mouth breathing.

-Chances of Hardhat showing up to his post-vaccine Q?

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

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