PAX: Peaches (QIC), Squealer, GATA, Buckeye, Kiffin, McFlurry, Gambit, Swanson, Ballcock, Adidas

Condition: 60ish

Disclaimer: Same as always


10 Merkins OYO

Dirty Dogs x 10 IC Both Ways

Alabama Ass Kickers 10 IC Both Ways

TTT x 10 IC

IW x 10 IC (awkward start for Boose!)

SSH x 20 IC

Mosey to Boundary and do Burpees for the six, Mosey to Bridge and Bear Crawl across or walk if your Swanson, Mosey to Waters and Squat for the six, Mosey to the bottom of the New Dock and do squats for the six.


Traveling Stack BOMBS Burpees (modifier is Monkey Humpers), Overhead Press (no modifier), Merkins, Bobby Hurleys, Squats.

5 Bombs on the Dock

10 Bombs at top of dock

15 Bombs at Waters and Calhoun (apply Burpee Modifier to those NOT capable)

20 Bombs at Bridge and Calhoun (Double Burpee Modifier)

25 Bombs at 4 way stops (Triple Modifiers) at this point fatigue it trying its damnest to make a coward of YHC but he has the #accountabilty of the PAX

30 Bombs at Prichard and Bridge. 30 Burpees IC (10 by YHC, 10 by Buckeye, and 10 by Ballcock) 30 Overhead Presses IC (by GATA), 30 Merkins IC (10 by YHC, 10 by Squealer, 10 by Adidas) , 30 Bobby Hurleys and Squats OYO.

1 MOM:





Q-sheet wide open (hint hint GATA), CSAUP Memorial Day Saturday on the Island


Thanks for all the calls and text while Baby Truett was in the hospital, its great to have a large support network.

Adidas father after this weeks surgery

-Swanson loves to modify, he also loves Monkey Humpers. Today he was happy.

-GATA still shows no sign of Quit, but today YHC was considering it

-Ballcock had full horse noise in effect on round 15 of BOMBS

-Normally my M mocks Squealer for Traveling BOMBS Q since that is the only Q he knows but today she mocked me.

-Gambit, once did a mud=run, blew up an eardrum and modified a Merkin.

-Kiffin, Adidas and Mcflurry didn’t have time to mumble chatter or gripe about the workout they were too busy leading the group, good push.

-Buckeye always willing to count Burpees IC when given the opportunity


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