Check Your Baggage!


61 Degrees with slightly higher humidity.

On Deck: Hard Hat (QIC), Spaulding, Mini Van, Tubbs, Chumbucket, Brutus, Liz Claiborne

Warm Up: 10 TTT, 10 Arm circles forward, 10 Arm circles reverse, 10 Squats, 10 Merkins, 10 SSH.

The Thang: Mosey to the front entrance of the middle school while dogging pot holes on Wilborn Road. Since short’s season has arrived and some PAXs have been skipping leg day, I wanted to incorporate some leg exercises. 11’s was called with 10 step ups per leg and then 1 squat. Run down to the cones and do 10 merkins. We then ran back and continued with 9 step ups each leg and 2 squats. We ran to the cone along with merkins on every round. Everyone of us pushed hard and I believe we all finished each round. The group took a mosey back to the A/O with a couple stops for TTH without coming up “just the tunnel”. Brutus named this new exercise/stretch, “check your baggage”. I will let you think about that for just a minute!

We arrived back at the A/O with 3 minutes to spare for a little Mary.

Mary: Leg lifts, Hello Dollies, Flutter kicks all on your own.

Prayers: Brutus has a family member under going kidney surgery.

Announcements: None

Moleskin: Mini Van is worried about having another child and us naming the 2.0 Luggage Rack. I smelled like a variety pack of 6% IPA’s from the previous evening’s boat ride. Tubbs is extremely close to signing up for his VQ and Spaulding was a little nervous about receiving his second shot this morning.

Great push by all this morning and always a pleasure.

Hard Hat!

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