April 26th – MOB

Pax: GATA, Peanut, Swanson, Kiffin, McFlurry, SMKG (Respect), Shart!, Barely Legal, Cockaboose (QIC)

Weather: 61 degrees, clear skies, occasional breeze (Summertime is comin!)

Warm UP: 
SSH IC x 25 IC
TTT x 12 IC
1-2 Waybacks x 10 IC
IW x 20 IC
Prisoner Squat x 10 (5 each leg)
Arm Circle x 12 IC, Reverse x 12
Ring of Fire: Bobby Hurley’s while each PAX bear crawls around the ring


Mosey to Pritchard & Bridge: Colt 45’s (West Philly Special)

Mosey to Bridge, Bunny Hop across

Mosey to Boundary & Lawrence, keep arms raised – arm drop = 5 burpee penalty

4 Corner Elevator:

  1. Boundary & Lawrence: 10 Burpees, Carioca to Lawton
  2. Boundary & Lawton: 20 Merkins, Skip to Calhoun
  3. Calhoun & Lawton: 30 Alternating Shoulder Taps (both arms = 1), Lt. Dan to Lawrence
  4. Calhoun & Lawrence: 40 Dips, Jailbreak back to Boundary
  5. Repeat

Mosey to Bridge with arms raised: 5 burpees for not being unique (Uncle Phil penalty)

Mosey to Pritchard & Bridge: Colt 45’s (West Philly Special)

Mosey back to flag

3 MOM: Flutters x 20, Dirty Dogs x 12 Each, Air Humpers x 20 (Boose toot)

Announcements: N/A

Prayer Requests: Peaches 2.2 & Fam, PAX not there


  • Lt. Dan’s in honor of Kiffin’s Q a few week’s ago – always a crowd pleaser
  • GATA is quite the encourager – thanks for the push!
  • Thankful for a chance to lead – especially with these men.

Boose – Smell Ya’ Lata! (with thanks to Peanut)

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