Raspberry Beret


CONDITIONS: 66 degrees, overcast, WSW 0-3kts, rising humidity, high degree of counting inability

PAX: Bartman (R), Earhart, Nae Nae, Liz Claiborne (R), Hermanos, Chumbucket, Mini Van (R), JV, Hardhat, Spaulding (R), Spaghetti O, Spiccoli (R), Squid (R) QIC

WARM UP: TTT x 10, SSH x 30, IW x 15, HB x 15, AC x (15 fwd, 15 rev)…included reviewing our Mission Statement, Five Core Principles, and Creedo. Mosey in “that direction” (visual signal given) around the park and convene at Mini Van’s truck. Cognitive dissonance surfaces. Take tires from the bed of the truck and meet at the playground.

THANG: Five & Dime…anything taking place outside the play ground (tire flipping) is x5reps, exercises inside playground (Pull Ups, Merkins, Squats, BBSUs) are x10reps.

Theory: PAX divide into two teams by self-numbering 1…2…1…2…etc. Once divided, the teams compete in the following manner. Each member of the team has to flip the Tire x5, the remaining members do PUx10, Merkinsx10, Sqx10, BBSUx10 and rinse/repeat until ALL members have completed Tirex5. At that point, team completes a short hot lap. First team with every PAX across finish line wins the round and thus, a valuable prize. Unless penalized for ‘Conduct Unbecoming’

Reality: this collection of intelligent, disciplined, virtuous business owners/key employees and otherwise influential forces in our community STRUGGLE to listen. Of note, Junior Varsity can not count to two consistently. Our loving God only knows how he takes a rolled up stack of drawings, builds a structure suitable for human habitation and earns enough funds to help his family.

Multiple rounds were conducted, switching up teams, with each team winning a valuable prize (a pass on the total number of Burpees asked of the losing team…it pays to be a winner). The final tally was:

1’s: 2 wins

2’s: 2 wins

Odd’s: 2 wins

Even’s: 2 wins

Cowboys: 1 win

Steelers: 1 win

Cowboys: 1 win

Indians: 1 win

Pakistanis: 1 win

Indians: 1 win

Champ: Q

1 MOM: Flutters x 30

COR/NOR: loved having Spiccoli back in the mix!

COT: prayers for traveling family members, THANKFULNESS for relationships that heal!


-In contrast to the accomplishments of our PAX in the adult world, I continue to be baffled by the inability to listen/ and follow clear instruction.

-We have the finest group of men that I’ve ever been associated with (and that’s a TALL order!).

Always an honor to associate with each of you.

Squid, OUT!

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