Swanson’s Pad

Date: 4/21/2021

Weather: 62 and clear


PAX: Gambit, Cockaboose, Lombardi (respect), McFlurry, Cowbell, GATA, Peanut, Peaches, Squealer, Big Spur, Swanson, Piggly Wiggly, Barely Legal, Buckeye – QIC

14 PAX descended upon Swanson’s new Pad for some full body work


SSH x 25 IC, Imperial Walker x 15 IC, Squat x 10 IC, TTT x 10 IC, ATMs x 10 IC, x 10 IC, x 10 OYO, Overhead Clap x 20 IC, Smurf Jack x 10 IC (crowd pleasure), Windmill x 10 IC

Mosey over to the block pile, each PAX grabs a block, moseys back to the field, sets the block down, and moseys back to Swanson’s Pad for:


Escalator (upper body) – all exercises OYO

10 x Carolina Dry Docks

20 x Hand Release Merkins

30 x Merkins (10 diamond, 10 stagger left, 10 stagger right)

40 x Alternating Shoulder Taps (2 is 1)

50 x Air Presses from knee position #carpetburn

Mosey to field and each PAX grabs a block for:

Block Thruster, Block Swing, Block Overhead Press x 10 for each exercise. PAX mosey back to the Pad and plank for the 6.

Escalator (core) – all exercises OYO

10 x V-ups

20 x Big Boi Sit-ups

30 x Seal Jack

40 x American Hammer (2 is 1)

50 x Mountain Climber (1 is 1)

Rinse and repeat at the blocks and back to the Pad

Escalator (lower body) – all exercises OYO

10 x Mary Catherine (1 is 1)

20 x Speed Skater (2 is 1)

30 x Sumo Squat (1 is 1)

40 x Calf Raise

50 x SSH

Rinse and repeat over at the blocks and PAX carry blocks back the block pile and mosey back to Swanson’s Pad for


8-count Body Builder x 2 OYO

Hello Dolly x 20 IC led by Gambit

8-count Body Builder x 4 OYO

Alabama Ass Kickers x 10 IC led by Boose

8- count Body Builder x 6 OYO

Flutterkick x 20 IC and Done!


Swanson’s new Pad offers a nice turf grass option free of fire ants, dog crap, and other undesirables, but potential carpet burn is real. Thanks for the opportunity to lead and it felt great out there to be back in the Q-spot. Great work and thanks for the push fellas!

Buckeye Out

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