Leg Kicks

4/19/2021 The Brig

Weather: Perfect temps with a hint of a few drops of rain

PAX: Spaulding(R), Eli(R), Goose(Rx3), HardHat, Brutus, Earhardt, Ambien(R), MiniVan(Q-R)

Intro/ Disclaimer – Covered

Warmup: TTTx10IC, ACFx10IC, ACBx10IC, IWx10IC, HBx10IC

  • The Thang: Mosey between stops:
    • 1st stop: Creative school entry
      • 11’s with Derkins & Merkins
    • 2nd stop: Rec center BB Courts
      • Burpee Ring
        • SSH’s until PAX calls “DOWN” All PAX do 1 Burpee back to SSH
    • 3rd stop: HH Middle school back entrance
      • Yurpee Ring
        • Squats until PAX calls “DOWN” All PAX do 1 Yurpee back to Squats
        • Yurpee – Standard Burpee, but replace the jump at the end with 2 jump lunges
    • 4th stop: HH Middle school front entrance
      • 11’s with merkins and dips
    • 5th stop: HHH Theatre entrance steps
      • 11’s with irkins and air presses
    • Mosey to shovel flag
  • Mary: 60s leg lift cycle

Announcements: FNG/RNG April challenge still going on with a lot of goose eggs out there. Lamont leads all with a score of 2.


Prayers/ Praises: Healing for all / Unspoken

MoleSkine: Surprised to see Spaulding after his 51st birthday and 3 days at the Heritage, he requested an easy ab workout, then quickly pointed out that he was a bored since we didn’t run between our 11’s… Hardhat was quick to call out YHC burpee form of a leg kick, this made YHC very self conscious the remainder of the workout. I will be YouTubing burpee form over the next few days. If HardHat calls out your form, there must be a serious issue. Brutus always adds to the workout, whether its choice of clothing, his Q or his mumblechatter. Earhardt was so focused this morning he lost count on SSH’s and had to be reminded to call “DOWN”. Eli’s main concern was what time Happy Hour starts on Wednesday and where to go. Ambien looked as if he was doing nipple scrapers during the derkins. Goose, what else can be said, solid performance, gets his work done and encourages others while doing it. YHC messed up during the NOR and gave HardHat respect when none was deserved.

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