Is JV Q?

PAX: Cable Guy (respect), SMKG (respect), Whip, Lombardi (respect), Judy (impromptu Q)

Weather: humid, so perfect.

SSH x 10, 2 M, TTT x 10, 4 M, AC x 10, 6 M, AC x 10, 8 M, WM x 10, 10 M, SSH x 10, 12 M, TTT x 10, 14 M, AC x 10, 16 M, AC x 10, 18 M, WM x 10, 20 M; Jacob’s Ladder @ Bus Loop to 7 burpees and back down; 5ish MOM : lbc x 20, air humpers x 20, flutters x 20, 1.5 minutes of Plank for Lombardi

Prayer Requests: Prayers for the Keiffer family.


  1. JV must have signed up to Q because there was no Q.
  2. YHC lapped Whip on Jacob’s Ladder. Let’s all constantly remind him of this. He’s injured, but that’s no excuse IMO.
  3. SMKG: modification is for your physical inability to perform an exercise, not because you hate it. Joking aside, good effort out there. Lots of running today.
  4. Lombardi has entered the Pro division for his races. From now on, if you seem him slacking, remind him of his pro status.
  5. Sorry (not really) for all the yelling today.

JJ out.

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