Hey Jude Pullups

April 14, 2021

AO:  The Brig

Conditions: 65 and perfect

Pax:  Minivan (r), Radar, Earhart, Ambien (QIC).

Disclaimer:  Not a trained professional.  Push/pull each other.

5 min warmup

   20 SSH

   1 bodybuilder 

   10 TTT

   1 bodybuilder  

   15 IW

   1 bodybuilder  

   ACs x 15 Forward

   1 bodybuilder  

   ACs x 15 Backward

   1 bodybuilder

Mosey to Pull up bars.  Along the way, 3 stops:

10/10/10 – Merkins/BBS/Squats

15/15/15 – Merkins/BBS/Squats

20/20/20 – Merkins/BBS/Squats

The Thang:

At pull up bars, round of 11s.  Start with 10 pull ups and 1 jump squat then take a lap of the parking lot.  Then 9 pullups & 2 jump squats and take a lap, etc until 1 pullup and 10 jump squats.

Mosey back toward the Shovel flag

Along the way, 2 stops:

15/15/15 – Merkins/BBS/Squats

10/10/10 – Merkins/BBS/Squats


Flutter kicks x 20

Pickle pointers x 11

Hello Dolly x 11

Leg raises x 5


Prayers:    Schnitzel’s knee.  Ambien’s son Joystick in new job and city. 


  • Music playing from Rec Center near pullup bars had a nice mix of country and serenaded us with Hey Jude as we moseyed back.
  • As promised, no burpees. 
  • Pull ups did not disappoint with how much they sucked.
  • In addition, pullups will make my only remaining not sore muscles sore.

Great push by all Pax.

Ambien, out.

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