Really Swanson?

Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher (respect) Cable Guy (respect) Peaches Barely Legal Buckeye Big Spur Judy (QIC)

Conditions: Perfect.

SSH x 10, 2 M, TTT x 10, 4 M, AC x 10, 6 M, AC x 10, 8 M, WM x 10, 10 M, SSH x 10, 12 M, TTT x 10, 14 M, AC x 10, 16 M, AC x 10, 18 M, WM x 10, 20 M; Mosey; BOMBS: 5 Burpees – 5(modify overhead press with double merkin burpees)-15 merkins-20 big boy sit-ups-25 squats @ the .25 mile loop at boat park) x 3. 8 MOM : backscratchers x 20, lbc x 25, air humpers x 15, flutters x 20, American Hammers x 20, dirty dog x 20, tempo merkin x 20, two minutes of plank for Peaches

Prayer Requests:

The family who just lost their father to covid.

Those traveling for spring break.



  1. First time I have posted on a Monday in months, and Swanson goes to the island. Feelings hurt.
  2. We are going to have a class on the proper form for TTT and Plank. It will be led by Big Spur and Peaches.
  3. Buckeye was kind enough to slow down and wait for YHC during the BOMBS. First, thanks. Second, don’t ever slow down when doing BOMBS again.
  4. Gambit was not there and his excuse was lame (again).
  5. Sadly, TLaw did not post with us this morning.
  6. BL left us all in the dust on the jailbreak. It must be nice to be 22.
  7. Your welcome for the overhead press modification.


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