PAR 3 Challenge for Master’s Wednesday


CONDITIONS: 54 degrees, still, clear…PERFECT!

PAX: Bartman (R), Earhart, NaeNae, Hardhat, Spaulding (R), Scratch Off (DR), Radar, Schnitzel (R), Brutus, Ambien (R), Tubbs, Mini Van (R), Squid (R)-QIC

NOTE: As the PAX assembled, NaeNae gave an account of the prior day’s attempt to fish that was shut down by uncooperative weather. Earhart has declared that he may NOT want to fish with Shingles, if a little wind is enough to send him back to the dock.

DISCLAIMER: The Q is not a credentialed professional; you are exercising at your own risk. Protect yourself again injuries/further injury but push yourself and your cohorts.

WARM UP: TTT x 10, IW x 15, Mosey to Cookies’ LDS church.

THANG: One of YHC’s favorite parts of Master’s Week is the Wed Par 3 event. The plan was to recreate the event among the blooming azaleas of HHI. Spaulding pointed out that the organizers at Augusta National had done away with this year’s event (COVID risk must be too high on the short course…?!) so this is the ONLY Par 3 tourney today.

Partner up, have your caddy pace off the yardage (Jailbreak to the other end of the lot and complete 3 Burpees, Mosey back) while you warm up. The PAX not running does one exercise continuously until the caddy returns, then trade roles. Exercises for the non-caddy PAX are as follows:

Prisoner Squats

American Hammers

Reverse Lunge


PAR 3…get it?

Mosey back to the SF.

MARY: Back Kicks x 10 ea side, Dirty Dogs x 10 ea side, Flutters/Leg Lifts until time.


COT: targeting of PAX who have dropped the habit of posting, thanksgiving for Radar’s safe return, and Joy Stick’s move and new career opportunities (Ambien is proud of him but praying for a hedge of protection in this new chapter).


-Earhart only wants to fish with REAL men, the manly kind (understandable when you watch the effort he gives…great work)!

-Hardhat is back on the horse with multiple posts this week.

-It’s great to see Brutus’ face on a consistent basis. Injuries suck; we all hurt but pushing through (with caution) does a lot for your 6in muscle.

-12 of this morning’s crowd are convinced that Tubbs departed the COT and went back to bed. YHC’s day was made when he overheard Tubbs state his gratitude for the location of his home because TheBrig is so accessible. Providence?

-Spaulding swears that there are no secret passwords or handshakes to access the near impenetrable gates of Palmetto Dunes. Some suspect otherwise. Perhaps Oceanside Electric employees need to be trained with standards just as exacting as PD Security.

-During the THANG, some commented that this is a lot more running than a typical Squid workout. I objected to the insinuation but, reflection on my past six months showed the comment to be valid. In the MOB gloom, Gambit made a like remark once and it pushed me to make my Qs more challenging and I’ve departed from that. Also, I pledged to never show up for an event as unprepared as I was for the 2021 P200. PLEASE hold me to a high standard, it’s one of the reasons that I hang out with you. Second only to making amazing love to my smoking hot wife, making excuses is one of my top talents.

Each of you make me better. Thank you for that.

Squid, OUT

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