Flea turns 47?

Cable Guy Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher Ball Cock Swanson Flea McFlurry Hacky Sack Judge Judy (QIC)

Conditions: Chilly.

W/O: SSH x 10, 1 B, AC x 10, 2 B, AC x 10, 3 B, TTT x 10, 4 B, WM x 10, 5 B, SSH x 10, 6 B, AC x 10, 7 B, AC x 10, 8 B, TTT x 10, 9 B, WM x 10, 10 B; Mosey to Blocks; DORA: 50 overhead w/block, 100 Merkins w/o block, 150 squats w/ blocks. Rinse and Repeat. Mosey to pad. Mary: lbc x 20, DD x 20, flutters x 20, AH x 20, Burpee x 10, Hip Thruster x 20, straight leg Hip Thruster x 10, Burpee x 10


Announcements: Talk of possible CSAUP Memorial Day weekend. Stay tuned. McFlurry with the MOB Q tomorrow.

Prayer requests: Unspoken. Ball Cock’s mother’s recovery.

Moleskin: Thank you for letting me lead this morning. It is a great group at the Buck. Tclaps to those who posted yesterday for the bucket toss and made it out again this morning. Either you are a gluten for punishment or the workouts are getting too easy. Either way, well done. Congrats to Flea for figuring out his age, and realizing he is one year younger than he previously thought! What are you going to do with that extra year????

JJ out.

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