The Ol’ 92!

Today’s workout was dedicated to Don Rougeux, Schnitzel’s dad, who celebrated his 92nd birthday today. Smarter at 92 than Schnitzel will ever be!

Weather, 57, clear skis, winds 2 – 3 kts SSE, humidity 57% and a shooting star if you were lucky enough to see it. Beautiful morning!

PAX: Bartman (R), Minivan (R), DutchBoy (DR), ScratchOff (DR), BallBoy (DR), Schnitzel (QIC-R)

Warmup: 10 x Burpee

The Thang: Countoff 1-6. 4x 23 Letters of the Alphabet (no, Q, P or O) IN REVERSE (Z-A) exercises 4x each (for 92) called out by Pax in order as we ran from parking lot stall to stall. Can’t think of one? Burpees.

Z=zebra kicks x2 & burpees; Y=burpees x4; X=”x” stretch x2, burpees x2; W=burpees, WW2 situps, windmills x2; V=v-ups x3, burpees; U=”u”-ups, burpees x 3; T=burpees x2, TTT, THE something; S=squats, side straddle hops, burpees, R=russian twists, burpees, ??; N=nancy drew, nancy kerrigan’s, nameste squates & ?; M=burpees, merkins, ??; L=burpees, K=knightsbridge (what?) burpees, J=jump squats, J-LOS!, jumping jacks & ?; I=burpees x2, inclined merkins, and I-don’t-know (burpees); H=hello dolly, burpees x2, ??; G=burpees, ???; F=burpees x2, flutters (for Mary); E=burpees x4; D=derkins, diamond merkins & ?; C=burpees, ??; B=burpees x2, big boy situps; A=burpees & ??

Announcements: run this weekend in the scrap iron 5k. LKN F3 Pax is rucking 70+ miles west-to-east to raise $$ and awareness of autism. Find more info on F3Nation Slack/mumblechatter

Prayers – Mac Watson (19 yrs old) just found out he has lukemia.



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